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Keppel Distripark Operator Safety Gold Award Winner

This Safety Gold Award is given to M/s Goodway Agencies (Shipping) Pte Ltd for its consistently good safety performance for the third consecutive year.

This Operator has an outstanding housekeeping programme which is maintained through regular safety inspections and checks. It also has an anti-smoking programme aimed at reducing potential fire hazards in an environment where diesel forklifts works.

It has implemented a novel monetary disincentive system which strongly discourages its workers from smoking. It has implemented a good security programme through 24-hour CCTV surveillance inside its warehouse premises. And the company also reinforces its safety and security programmes through in-house hangouts and brochures.



In April 2005, Goodway received the ISO 9001:2000 Certification for its entire scope of operations.

The ISO certification reconfirms the company is equipped with procedures to maintain, evaluate and improve its standards of quality.